B2B migrations on the Internet are a common thing. Generally speaking, this is not a difficult thing. Yet, it is a smart move to take a few things into account before this process starts.

B2B websites usually have customizations and modifications to comply with the company’s business rules. Most companies have customization needs and requirements that can be easily identified.

For instance, when it comes to pricing you should think of your customers. Is there one price for a specific category of clients and another price for others? If the answer is affirmative, then you should look for a feature on your new eCommerce platform that can manage these things automatically without any hassles. Even if there is a need for customizations try to figure out how much time and effort you will need to finish something like this. If it takes too long, you might have to look for a different platform.

Next, if you want to sell online, but you want to do this on a new platform, then you should analyze the account types and the activities of users. For example, is it possible for a user to get in touch with your website in more than one way? To be more precise, can someone log into your website as a customer while others can log in as sales personnel? Will they have access to different resources in this way?

Another thing that you should check is the payment methods. The fact is that the Internet has made a lot of progress in the last few years when it comes to payment methods. So, if you have practiced some less known payment method in the past, make sure that your new eCommerce platform allows a method like this. For instance, you might have been using Bitcoins as a payment method.

If you are selling physical products, then you must think of shipping too. Are there any special fees for products and orders that weigh over a certain weight? Is it possible to add this cost automatically to the order?

Finally, the last thing you should check is the taxes. Is it possible for your clients to upload tax exemption certificates on your current platform? Does the new one allow something like this? Is it possible to integrate a third party app?

By answering all these questions you should be able to find the right B2B eCommerce platform and conduct a smooth transition.

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